A smartphone

The world has been rapidly changing in the last few decades thanks to technology. Nowadays, like many of us I’ve been relying on my phone massively. You could say I am addicted to it and I can’t live without it. Whether it is for browsing, reading books, listening to music or contacting my family and friends I need my smartphone. However, I recently came to realise how essential a smartphone is to everyone. For that I wrote a small poem based on my experiences to show how much everyone relies on a smartphone. These experiences were at the Shaolin temple in China, a street here in Barcelona and a hostel in London. I hope you’ll enjoy it

A sacred place,
A place of philosophy, faith and resilience
Hundreds of people go there to marvel and pray
Monks pass in a slow, serene place
In the corner I see a group of young monks
They’re holding a smartphone
They’re watching a comedy show
They laugh loudly and cheerfully

A public space,
a space at a random corner shop on the street
Hundreds of people pass by it every day
a man lays in his sleeping bag trying to rest
He is alone and cold
Still he’s holding a smartphone
watching a random video
He smiles tiredly

A busy place,
A place of travellers, thinkers and youth
Hundreds of people go there every day
A young girl sits comfortably at the couch
She is surrounded by strangers but she feels safe
She is holding her smartphone
Watching a new Netflix series
She is happy and content

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

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2 responses to “A smartphone”

  1. Great🥰

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  2. lovely poem! wishing you a wonderful new year!!! 🙂


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