The Light

“The light will guide you to the end of the tunnel.” This is a quote I often come upon in all kinds of situations. However, sometimes I find it quite annoying. How do I know the end of the tunnel will be good enough? Indeed, the light indicates life, but at times life can be complicated. Sometimes, even if we’re sure where the tunnel is taking you to, once you arrive at the end, it seems that perhaps there was some sort of mistake.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to go back and find the right tunnel, but you might not feel motivated to go through the light. So, what would be the correct solution?

None. There is no correct solution. Mistakes are part of life. After all, life is complicated. Yet, it is also simple. All you have to do is keep moving. Keep following the light. Of course, it might be hard, and you might not have good results, but well like another quote, we always say, “Trying is what matters.”

So, even if others tell you of your mistakes or wrong choices, don’t falter. Do ehat you think is the best for you. Don’t lose your dream and hope. Go towards the light.

Furthermore, there are two types of people. The ones that love sunrise and the others that love the sunset. Personally, I love the sunset. For me, sunset indicates the accomplishment of another day, or another event, project, trip, etc. It symbolises completion. Let’s say your day starts with a beautiful sunrise, but then there is no guarantee that it will continue with perfect weather. It might rain or even snow. But then you will get to have beautiful sunset with magnificent hues of yellow and orange.

Again that is no guarantee since it might be cloudy and you miss the sunset. But that’s just how life is. So, follow the light, and who knows, you might eventually get to see an incredible sunset.

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Thanks for reading:)

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