Empty Christmas

Last year, as I have decided to move from my place in Czech Republic to the UK, I didn’t go back home for Christmas. I had to finish packing and preparing myself for the big move. Therefore, even though it was not my first time to spend Christmas away from home, it was the first time I experienced a city so empty.

This year for completely reasons, I am once again away from home. The city is not as empty as last year (even though we all know it should be) and now I am surrounded by good people from all over the world. So, definitely I will have very different Christmas like last year.

Nevertheless, last year I enjoyed my empty Christmas. I enjoyed roaming around aimlessly and discovering new places. It was cold, beautiful, and refreshing. I hope we will all have great Christmas this year too, even if they are going to be extremely different from other year. After all, all it matters is to be happy, be with your loved ones, or do what you love.


Thanks for reading:)

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