Lights and Magic

I’ve already said this so many times, but I really can’t believe we are two months away from 2021. The shops have already started putting Christmas decorations, but in my mind, Christmas is still far away. But well, the reality is this. In less than two months, it will be Christmas time.

Due to the situation, I am not sure where I will be this Christmas, but I will try to enjoy myself and hope for a better year to come.

When I think of Christmas, my mind usually goes to Prague. To begin with, Prague is a stunning city that everyone who loves travelling should visit at least once in their life. But during Christmas, the city is truly magical. I’m sure this year will be completely different not only in Prague but all over the world. However, Christmas is all about love, sharing, kindness, and family. So, I hope even without the lights, decorations, and magic, you will still have a great time preparing for Christmas.


Thanks for reading:)

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