A life full of choices

Recently I moved to another country because of a new job opportunity that I was lucky to get. But unfortunately for the first time in my life I have been struggling greatly to adapt.

Usually I easily get along with the people around me and I am a quick learner so I generally don’t have issues with new jobs. But, I guess there is a first time for all of us.

Although I do get along with my new colleagues, at the same time I feel that I’ve been labelled as the outsider. To some extend I get it since I am the only foreigner in the team. But I can’t deny that I still feel annoyed by this. As someone who lived in many different places and in very diverse environments I hate how I am seen as an alien rather than as a human. Because there is honestly no difference between us. I mean I don’t even look that different from them.

Anyway, although I sometimes feel like an outsider, I also got the chance to meet two wonderful people who see me as who I am rather as where I am from or what is my first language.

As for the job. I am genuinely not feeling as comfortable with the position as I thought I would. I had similar jobs before but this time it is a position that requires a lot of speaking with others face to face and unfortunately me being a foreigner is not always welcomed.

I guess it is because I work for the charity sector. Sometimes if you are a foreigner then they start the very awkward questions of why are you doing this or why I am doing what I’m doing in this country. It’s as if they can’t understand my job choice or how as an immigrant I love charity. Because you know if you are an immigrat then it means you don’t have money so how can you work in the non-profit organisation.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks but I’m starting to get tired of the situation. I still like being in this country because I lived here before and I had a fantastic time. As well as great friends that I absolutely love. But I have to think twice or thrice about this job if I want to stay for a longer term here.

I hope that more people will start being more understanding towards immigrants. Because I think we’ve all been at situations where for certain reasons we needed a change, we needed something that could potentially provide us with a better life. And that’s what immigrants are looking for. Whether that is because of financial reasons, political or educational is a different matter.

So I ask you to give these people a chance before you judge them. After all a book cannot be criticised only by its cover.

Thanks for reading my emotional rant. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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