A tiger or a bird?

They called her a loner

But she called herself independent 

They called her apathetic 

But she was just protecting herself 

They said she is an outcast

And she knew she was odd 

But she knew she wasn’t the only one

She knew she wasn’t alone

She was strong as a tiger

She was fierce and wild 

But her life was all about serenity and peace

All she wanted was to be seen as she was

Her aura was like a tiger’s

A loner in the wild 

Surviving, fighting and guarding her nest

But she was actually a bird

A lost bird looking for her flock

She wanted to spread her wings 

To fly away and find her flock

But she was scared

She was scared she wouldn’t find solace within her flock

She was scared she would be rejected

So, she disguised herself and remained a tiger

A strong and independent tiger 

Surviving, fighting and guarding herself

Thanks for reading:)


4 responses to “A tiger or a bird?”

  1. I love it!! 🥰

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    1. Thank you ☺️❤️

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