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Tall skyscrapers reach the blue sky
Proudly and imposing
People are taking over the streets
Hurried and expressionless
Red buses carry millions of tourists to see her majesty
They are excited and full of wonder
Tamed waters proudly embrace the city
Calmly and peacefully
Fast and large wagons lure you beneath the earth
To Tartarus
To get silky tunics and fancy wine
You feel important and independent
But then you end up at an ordinary pub
It’s cosy and welcoming
You end up watching various people of different coloured shirts running and chasing
People are enjoying the show
But then you wonder what show they are watching
You feel the people staring
You think they are mocking you
You feel like a prey
You wonder why you are here
You laugh it off and continue observing, waiting
Life runs at a fast pace
But you can feel the city’s immortality
It won’t wait for you to decide or understand
It is a dream city for many
But once here most get enslaved by the city’s brightness
And sometimes life takes them away
To escape you go back at the wagon beneath the earth
And search for the next destination
A place of freedom and serenity

Thanks for reading:)

2 responses to “London”

  1. you have a poet’s soul and that was a lovely piece to read this morning 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words:)

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