Nowadays, artists often are being praised daily for their outstanding achievements. But, no matter where they are from or where we are from, I’m sure there are a couple of artists we all know. Their music, art, dance, or writing gives us motivation, happiness, or relief. However, the best is when we are having a dreadful day, and after watching/listening to our favourite artist, they give us a huge smile on our grumpy face.

However, it is not easy to be an artist. Countless artists are waiting patiently for that moment they will finally be recognisable. Frankly, that’s how it has been since centuries ago. Most well-known artists that passed away while alive lived in poverty and were ridiculed for their passion for art. Similarly, today many artists are being restrained by their peers and society simply because it is well-known that the life of an artist is unstable.

Nevertheless, whenever I travel or merely take a stroll around my city, I see many amazing artists on the streets enjoying their passion with huge smiles on their faces. They are perhaps living what people would say an unstable life, but they live a happy life. I usually compare artists with travellers simply because most travellers have the burning desire to see, taste, try, discover and learn. And for me, artists are people who bring into life what they saw, tasted, tried, discovered, or learned.

A while ago, I was having an interesting conversation with a friend who assumed that because someone has an office job or is a scientist or an engineer, they can’t be artistic. Needless to say, I disagreed strongly. Not because an engineer can have music as a hobby. But because who said science or engineering or economics are not a form of art? In my language, which is Greek, art is called τέχνη (techni). An English word that derives from this word is the technician. A technician is someone who is an expert in their field of work. So, basically, every job, industry, and field is an art.

Furthermore, I believe in general, life is art. And we are the artists of our lives. Indeed, some people might decide to follow a path (job) that might not fulfil them. However, they still create art in different ways, such as their family, hobbies, traveling, etc. Every person is different and reacts differently to life, just like with art. For example, personally, I was never fond of classical art. Whenever we would go to art exhibitions, I was uninterested in the great paintings of the well-known painters from centuries ago. However, I love music. I used to study music history. Today I love learning about music from different parts of the world, even if I don’t understand the language. It brings me joy, yet I didn’t study music. Thus, just because we are passionate about something doesn’t mean we have to make it our lives.

To be an artist, it’s not about becoming famous and wealthy. It’s not even about having an “artistic” job. It is about being passionate about life and wanting to create the best path for yourself. Everyone can be artistic. All you need is a little bit of imagination and love for life.


Thanks for reading:)

3 responses to “Artist”

  1. Oh yeah. And I’m often dumbfounded by people wanting to get into the arts for fame or money. In my mind, I’m always telling them “Wrong niche, bud.”

    Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  2. excellent post! I think each of us has creativity and artistic expression within us and that it is an important part of life. It doesn’t matter what our jobs are or our personalities are, we each have an inherent need to create something. My husband is a math/engineer/physics kind of person and that is what his job is, but lately he has gotten into gardening and it has been so wonderful to see his face light up with happiness at creating something so beautiful.

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  3. Hey, Great blog! Enjoyed reading it. Could you check out my blog and give me a review on my latest writting.

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