Growing up in a semi-countryside ambience, as a child this time of the year was the best. The fields had long greenish wheat crops, colourful wildflowers and the trees beautiful blossoms. Furthermore, the weather was finally becoming sunnier and warmer. So naturally it was the best time to run wild into the fields and play hide and seek in the nature. Sometimes, I really miss those carefree moments of childhood.

Currently, my hometown is developed constantly with new infrastructure thus it doesn’t have the same feeling as in the past. Nevertheless, nature always finds a way to blossom. My home is surrounded by yellow daisies. Honestly, I think they are perfect for creating a spring-like ambience. Yellow is the colour of the sun, the colour of happiness, optimism and enlightenment. It is the colour that loudly announces the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Let’s hope the remainder of spring will bring only good things and hope:) But also I hope people will remember the importance of nature in our lives. Without the environment life cannot exist. So please stop unnecessary deforestation and keep our planet alive.


Thanks for reading:)

One response to “Yellow”

  1. Beautiful picture! Nothing like to yellow daisies to brighten a day! I think I could quite happily lay down amid the flowers and look up at the sky for awhile 🙂

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