The leading role always steals all the spotlights and attention. It is a role with a huge responsibility. A role filled with shiny clothes and bright smiles. Sometimes the smiles are fake. However, when surrounded by people, the big and bright smiles are genuinely happy. After all, a leading role cannot be a leader without other people around. The leader might be the one with all the attention, but the supporting roles usually have a secret superpower. They have the power of revealing the way of ultimate happiness to their leader. Their roles are often forgotten, but actually, sometimes they are as essential as the leading role.

Their path is often influenced by others since their choices are essentially made based on others’ happiness. Thus, when the time comes in a supporting role’s life to shift into a leader, everyone is left shocked. Supporting roles always smile unconditionally and always rationally help others achieve their goals and dreams. But once they reveal their sincere feelings, nobody expects it. When next to a protagonist, it is easy to fade away to the background. It is easy to be invisible. Some they love that simply because it feels comfortable. However, it is important to be at a background that suits their taste.

As an introvert, I found myself being criticised or questioned over my choice to be quiet and out of other peoples’ lives. I never had an answer because basically, they did not like my answer, “That’s just how I am.” It is hard to explain to someone your choices. However, you don’t have to. It’s your life, not theirs. You make your path. In the past, I found it difficult to lead my own life. I was easily influenced by others. Nowadays, I found my voice, and I found the background I can comfortably blend in. So, now I don’t feel invisible anymore. I may be quiet, but I’m certainly not invisible.


Thanks for reading:)

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