Live. Love. Laugh.

Understandably, many people are quite annoyed at the “quote” live, love, laugh. After all, usually these are words told be people who perhaps never needed someone to encourage them to live, love or laugh. However, life is not that simple. It’s not always easy to just live, to love or laugh. Nevertheless, here I am today preaching about this often hateful quote.

In the past year for many people it was difficult to live, love or laugh. Due to COVID-19 many of us had to live isolated and away from our family or friends. Humans are perhaps the most fragile animals on the planet and we are also a social animal. Thus, the isolation for many was indeed hard.

Personally, I enjoyed my time during quarantine. Generally, I like being alone. Also, I am not much of a social gatherings person so, I didn’t find it difficult to be home rather than going out at a pub or a bar. The lockdown actually helped me be more productive. However, I cannot deny the difficulties the lockdown brought upon all of us.

Last year I was hoping that in 2021 I will be able to move on and visit or live in another country. However, once again my plans had to be postponed. In fact, ironically, exactly a year after I moved to the UK, I got tested for COVID and apparently I was positive. So, I had to be in quarantine for almost three weeks. (I arrived in the UK on the 10th of Jan 2020, and I got the results for COVID on the 10th of Jan 2021).

Certainly, I should not be laughing because indeed COVID can be dangerous, yet the only thing left to do for me is to laugh. I have lived through COVID, I have loved during the COVID, and now it is time to laugh at COVID because it’s not going to win. Nevertheless, I am hoping you are all doing well during this difficult time, so that we can all live, love and laugh again without being held back by anything and anyone.


Thanks for reading:)

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