The Return

Depending on each person’s lifestyle and views, 18 months can be considered a short or long period. After all, in 18 months, one can be pregnant, and then their child will already turn 1 year old, certainly, for a child’s life that is a very long time. Personally, 18 months don’t feel like a long period, but this time around, 18 months felt endless.

This Sunday, I came back to Cyprus after 18 months. As I said, 18 months are not necessarily a long period, but with everything that happened in the past year, it feels like an eternity. So many things have changed in the world since the last time I’ve been home. However, I am not at home yet. I am currently in quarantine at a hotel. Thankfully. I will be at the hotel only for a week, and then I can finally go home to my family.

But it feels so strange. Cyprus is in lockdown like other countries. Thus, the streets are almost empty. People can’t go out unless necessary for work, health issues, or other essential reasons. I am alone in a room (which is much better than expected), and to be honest, I do feel content.

I thought I will be bored or annoyed with the whole quarantine situation, but in a way, this is like a vacation. I am at a beach resort, I live in a small apartment for free, and I get free delicious food. Here, I can relax a bit after a hectic year in the UK. I know the moment I get home, I will be too excited and happy. My family and friends will be all over me, so this quiet stop is probably needed.

I can’t deny that I am also sad. Although I really wished to leave the UK for specific reasons, I am sad I had to leave behind my friends and a life that I won’t have again (at least not to the same extent). Indeed, nowadays it is easier to stay in content with friends from abroad, but it’s not the same.

I feel regretful knowing I won’t have the same routine as before, mostly since I was at a share house with friends. I won’t be able to say good morning to them every day, share coffee and meals with them, or watch an intense movie together only to then have a two hours debate on its meaning.

But I guess that’s life, right? We can’t have everything. For now, I can’t wait to go back home to my family and my friends.


Thanks for reading:)

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