The Sun

The sun is always watching over us. Even when we feel cold and hopeless, the sun is there waiting for us to leave behind our negative and depressing thoughts. The sun is strong and mighty and burns everything within a short distance, yet the sun gives hope. It might be cold outside, but we feel warm, happy, and blissful looking at the bright sun.

This week will be my last in the UK after an entire year of nothingness. Unfortunately, as many of you, the UK is always rainy, cold, and windy. However, although almost everywhere in the country is cold and snowy, here it is still sunny. People are still going out enjoying perhaps what might be the only sunny days for the next couple of weeks or months. Similarly, I went for a long walk of 10 km to enjoy my last week in this country.

Walking along the beach, observing people, surfers, and cute dogs were the highlight of my week. On Sunday, I will travel for the first time after the spread of COVID-19, so I can’t deny I am a bit nervous. I will have to quarantine in a hotel room when I arrive in Cyprus, and I am not too thrilled about it. Nevertheless, I am excited to go back home after 18 months!


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