Choices and Opinions

When travelling, it can’t be helped but encounter people with different opinions, beliefs, and life choices. Naturally, according to one’s background, people develop different ideologies and life paths. However, sometimes, I wonder if and when I should interfere with someone’s beliefs.

The past year I got to live and make friends with people from different backgrounds. Thus, I had the opportunity to get absorbed in conversations and debates on several topics and current events of the world. Unfortunately, for this reason, I got to realise, many of my friends and acquaintances were, for instance, homophobic, transphobic, misogynists, racists, discriminate against particular religions, or even ridicule people with mental disabilities.

Naturally, when I encounter such personalities and beliefs, I try my best to make them realise their views are not just an opinion but are, in fact, against human rights. But, it is not easy, especially when you get into debates with headstrong people. In the end, I am usually the one to be called names, and apparently, I don’t understand how the world works.

So, I wonder, is it worth it to get into debates that potentially could help create a better world for everyone?

Yes, it is worth it. I’m sure we can’t change other people’s backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions, yet, we might eventually, through them, reach others, especially the younger generation. However, I do wish people would realise choices and opinions are two different things.

For instance, If someone is against same-sex marriage or relationships in general, it is a choice, not an opinion. If any of you are also part of the LGBTQ+ community, then it is definitely not an opinion, not even a choice. That is you being you, and that is absolutely fine! So, do not let others say otherwise.

However, I understand that not everyone comes from the same background. I know some may come from conservative societies, and it is not easy to realise that the world is changing. Yet, even if you are from a traditional country, instead of completely dismissing the new, try to understand. You don’t have to always agree, but you can try accepting the difference.


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day:)

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