Like the waves, I dreamed of being free, wild and fierce. I wished to be strong and unyielding. I wanted to be resistant and overwhelming.

Yet, I am too sensitive. I yielded to all their commands and I cried like a baby. In the end, I left defeated only to get comforted by a scoundrel.

He told me to not worry because that’s how life is and that I should accept the reality. But he couldn’t reply to my simple question of why.

Why should I accept this? Why should I accept being lower than anyone else?

Like the waves I dreamed of being free, wild and fierce. I wished to be different and unique. But I ended feeling fury and rage.

They told me I was different because I was quite and calm. I wasn’t an ocean. I was simply the sea. I needed to be more wild and ferocious.

But I didn’t get it. What was I lacking? Why is my truth lesser than an ocean’s when we are both bodies of water?

Indeed, we may differ in some ways. Yet, we are still made by the same ingredients. I am so tired of being compared. All I ever wanted was to be me, to be seen as who I am, and to be accepted.

Whether you are a sea or an ocean, remember you can still have massive waves and sweep away anything that is in your way. Or, you can be calm and sweet and keep yourself warm and happy.

Nevertheless, I want you to remember whether you are an xx or xy, happiness is a combination of 7 letters not one letter or two. So, accept everyone the way they are. Immerse yourself in the waves and enjoy the ride.


Thanks for reading:)

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