If normal is overrated, it would mean that there is normalcy in life. But is there really such a thing as being normal?

Sometimes I wonder what normal really is. My mum would often chide me over my clothing choices. My parents often worry about my desire to travel alone, and my friends wonder why I do not have a partner. In other words, many times, I was dubbed as the odd one for different reasons.

So, I started pondering over the word normal. Because I am a nerd, I went and found the origins of the word. I knew it must have Latin roots, but unfortunately, I never took any Latin classes. Nevertheless, indeed normal derives from Latin. However, initially, the word had no relation to present-day’s meaning. At least not in a literal way. Metaphorically though, I can see why we use this word so frequently.

Apparently, normal comes from the word normalis, which means made according to a carpenter’s square. Metaphorically, it means made according to the rules. Therefore, when someone is referred to as normal, it would mean someone who follows the rules. I’m sure other languages have a similar word. In my language (Greek), the word for normal would be κανονικός. It derives from the word κανόνας, which means a rule.

So, let’s analyse our normalcy. If we had any normalcy, then we wouldn’t have any wars. We wouldn’t have racism, discrimination, inequality, or excessive environmental issues. Because we would all follow the rules. And, frankly, that is far from the truth. I don’t believe people always follow the rules.

I’m not referring only to governmental policies and laws. I am also talking about small rules we have to follow in libraries, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc. For example, when I was still in high school, there was a rule to not have any mobile devices or, if we did, to shut them down and let them in our school bag. Needless to say, I always had my phone on and in my pocket.

If we go by the real definition of normal, I am afraid I have news for you. Nobody is normal. Next time someone tells you you’re abnormal or odd, ask them if they ever disobeyed their parents or teachers, and if they say yes, then tell them they are also abnormal.


Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to be weird, queer, or odd! Just be you:)

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  1. Love this. We’re all unique in our very own way, and I believe we each have our own story to tell, as well as knowledge that others do not have. Great message. Thanks for sharing!

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