Usually, travel stories are about exploring new places, visiting fantastic destinations, and learning more about other cultures and nations. However, most travellers will tell you the most unique and challenging experiences they had were during simple and ordinary tasks, such as using public transportation.

Unfortunately, I have an issue with time. I seem to never be on time on anything. I’m not necessarily always late. Sometimes I am too early. Yet when I am travelling, I am always late. So, I can’t even remember how many times I had to run faster than Usain Bolt to catch a bus, a train, or even a flight! Although, once, I did miss my flight (oops!).

On every single trip I had in the last ten years, I ran and ran. It was exhausting and nerve-racking. Now I remember those times, and I laugh. It is such an irony that instead of remembering the magnificent attractions of cities such as Liverpool, Pompeii, Liberec, or Barcelona, all I remember is running to get on the train or bus.

When you travel, you’re bound to have misadventures. And I guarantee you those are the ones you will always remember. Certainly, not all misadventures are welcomed, but I’m sure one day you will look back on them with a fond smile.

Currently, in a sense, I have a misadventure due to the coronavirus. However, this time I am not running. All I do is lazing around, watching Netflix, and eating lots of chocolate. So, I miss running. I miss getting lost in other countries and missing the bus or running as fast as possible to get the train for the next city.

Nevertheless, I will wait patiently until I can run again, free and careless.

One of the rare times I was on time at the train station in Prague:)

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

5 responses to “Running”

  1. We loved our time in Liverpool, Pompeii and Barcelona..hoping to get back to travel soon.

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    1. Hopefully we will be able to roam again soon 😊🤞🏼


  2. Try to put your watch in advance, then maybe you’ll be able to be on time… just saying… have a great 2021, greetings from Lisbon! PedroL

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    1. Haha the problem is I am then early and think to myself I have time only to get distracted with something else and then be late 😅 oh well never mind me 😊 have a great 2021 PedroL!


      1. ahahah you must get distracted very easily 🙂 thanks! PedroL

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