Breathe. Feel. Dance.

The wind is blowing, the trees are dancing calmly to the soothing beat of a waltz, and I am lost.
People tend to create beautiful dreams of their desired future. Their greedy minds always create a perfect-like path covered with rose petals. However, reality often is cruel. So, here I stand, lost amongst the dancing trees looking for the path of life.

Usually, music is my guide towards my path. However, sometimes the music gets lost with the wind. No matter how much I want to dance alongside the trees, I seem to not get the rhythm. Maybe a waltz is too slow for me. I think I am trying too hard to find the path only to just lose every opportunity. Since I dance too fast, I then need a break to rest my tired legs, but then I miss the opening towards the path.

Perhaps I just still haven’t found the right music for my life. Maybe I simply need to experiment more and find my true path rather than rushing to get to a path that won’t make me happy.

Like the wind, I will fly away free to different lands, different seas. I will dance to all kinds of music at beautiful destinations until I finally find the place I belong to. All I need is to breathe, feel, and then dance like nothing else matters.

Breathe. Feel. Dance.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit lost because of another lockdown in the UK. My flight and plans had to be postponed once again so I’m a little bit uncertain about my future. Nevertheless, I will still do my best at everything and enjoy the little things of life. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day:)

3 responses to “Breathe. Feel. Dance.”

  1. You always write so beautfully! Heres hoping your path opens up and takes you where you need to be

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