With the arrival of the new year I went on a stroll around the city to relax and try to breath in the air of 2021. Hopefully, better air than last year. So far, it doesn’t feel that much better. Where I live, we are in tier 4 so more or less in lockdown, and COVID is having a party outside on the streets. Nevertheless, I believe this year will be much better than 2020.

In fact, while I was walking around the streets, I was approaching a homeless woman. As usual, I was going to pass by her. But then, in front of me there was a family of three and I see the man turning back to give his gloves to the homeless woman. It was a small act of kindness but seeing that made me smile like a little kid. I was just going to pass by her as if she didn’t exist. After that family’s kind act I felt so ashamed.

However, I also felt inspired and hopeful. 2020 showed as the negative parts of our world and society, but it also helped us grow us humans. When there is negativity, there is also positivity. They are just like the concept of opposites attract each other. Thankfully, we saw it in many ways this year when people came together to fight for their rights. So, I’m hoping more people will be like the kind man I saw today. Including myself, I will try my best to become better. Even if it’s a small thing it can still be of great help to the other.

Furthermore, surprisingly, yesterday Harry Styles who is one of my favourite artists, released the video clip of Treat People With Kindness. So, let’s all do that. Treat people with kindness:)


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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