“Not all who wander are lost”. A quote often favoured by travellers, but what’s so wrong with being lost? We’ve all been there at some point of our lives, both in literal and metaphorical ways. And to be fair sometimes when travelling it be can be fun to get lost in narrow or huge and beautiful streets. Your adrenaline rises and you feel excited to discover something new and unique. Certainly, being lost in unknown territories can also be terrifying. You never know what kind of dangers are lurking around or in what kind of abyss you might end up.

In a similar manner, when you get lost metaphorically it might not be as fun but it can be quite interesting and exciting. Sometimes, when you are lost in a spiritual way it makes you excited about what new aspects of yourself or the world you are going to discover next. However, sometimes you fall into a deep abyss and you struggle endlessly to find an exit.

Usually, travelling can help you with dealing with losing yourself, or discovering yourself. And, in fact when you get lost in a physical way it helps you discover new side of yourself. Overall, being lost is indeed difficult but there is nothing wrong with it. After all you need to get lost to make an effort and find your way.


Thanks for reading:)

2 responses to “Lost”

  1. Nice post, and very true. To a certain extent, we’re all a bit more lost now than we were last year, I don’t know anyone who’s entirely sure of themselves. I like writing about travelling and transforming them into posts to help express the small way I find myself when journeying. At least we’re all travelling together!

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    1. Indeed we are living very uncertain times but at least we have writing to express our feelings:) thank you for your comment and have a good day!

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