So, what if dreams are only but a fantasy? The truth of life is only an illusion that can easily break with one breath, just like a cold breeze on a warm summer day.

You lay on the beach embracing the warmth of the sand, and while you immerse yourself in the sound of the waves, a breeze runs through your skin. Unwillingly, it makes your mind drift to a cold fantasy land of soft snowflakes. Awed by the beauty of the snow, you bravely take a step towards the white valley. You pass through penguins and polar bears waving to you to join them while singing jingle bells. You feel merry and festive. The ambience is jolly, and you start dancing to the song of nature. But then suddenly, the soft, cold breeze turns into a mighty wind. It overtakes the gentle sound of the trees swinging to the song of Christmas.

Feeling distressed and cold, you try to find shelter within the endless white moonlit valley. You run through sharp icy shrubs looking for an exit. Your skin feels cold, and you wish you were at home in your bed, snuggling in with your warm blankets. Lost in your thoughts, you trip on a stone, only to find a cave hidden amongst the icy landscapes. Relieved, you run inside and relax. Yet, you can’t stop envisioning your soft and warm blankets at home. Fantasy worlds may seem beautiful, but there is nothing better than home.

The land of soft snowflakes is disturbed by an intense snowstorm. The gentle sound of the breeze turns into a heavy metal band’s wild sound, and you feel like screaming alongside them. Afraid of the storm, you close your eyes, dreaming of the sandy beach and the warmth of the turquoise waves of the sea.

After what feels like centuries, the concert of the snowstorm comes to an end. Your skin feels warmer, and you can hear the beautiful music of the waves once again. Slowly you open your eyes only to see the sea right in front of you. Feeling perplexed, you look around you, wondering how you escaped the wild snowstorm. All you can see is the vast white sandy beach filled with noisy tourists and children’s laughter.

You realise everything was just an illusion, a fantasy created by a cold breeze on a summer day. But perhaps that’s what reality is, an illusion created by nature. Like the wind, both dreams and life are born. Then, they grow, they evolve, they create, and then they come to an end.


Thanks for reading:)

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  1. That was so beautifully poetic! You have such a gift of poetry 🙂

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