My favourite word in Greek is άνθρωπος (anthropos). Some of you may recognise it from the word anthropology which means the science of humans. Therefore, anthropos means human. However, in the Greek language it has a deeper meaning. It combines the two words ανώ and ορώ which mean up and see. So, the word can translate as “seeing beyond”.

Indeed, I do believe humans can see beyond what our eyes see. We have the ability to think, analyse, research, conclude, and create. Unfortunately, lately I have my doubts all humans can truly observe reality and human life but still similarly how we often say “one picture, a thousand words”, humans truly can be amazing creatures.

Hopefully, people can still look beyond their homes, beyond their neighbourhoods, beyond their lives and achieve greater milestones. Whether that is through education, travelling, social media, books, following debates and discussions or other ways, it doesn’t matter. Just realise that humans are indeed incredible creatures and we can do amazing things to create a better world for everyone.


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day:)

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