Decorations and lights

Usually at his tie of the year, the whole world is getting prepared for Christmas. Christmas markets take over the cities and decorative lights bring a festive mood. Two years ago, I spent my Christmas holidays in Vienna, Austria and I think until now it is my favourite city during this time. As the City of Music, it has countless music performances which often you can enjoy for free. Furthermore, all the squares are filled with beautiful markets and ornaments. At night with the colourful and lively lights the city comes to life.

During the new year’s eve as the city has plenty of city squares the celebration is not only in one area. Thus I enjoyed it even more since you can find a relatively quiet area with not too much crowd and enjoy the fireworks. One of the most beautiful places to enjoy new year eve is Rathaus. Also, some of the most beautiful Christmas markets are at Schonbrunn Palace.

Schonbrunn Palace

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