A trend I often see on social media is the quotation of famous sayings on photos such as selfies, landscapes or group photos. It’s quite funny how we need to rely on others to express our feelings, or how we want to look smart by saying meaningless words (to us at least). However, I cannot deny that it is something I do often too. Because indeed I feel sometimes photos have a deeper meaning than we think. For example, today I will quote several sayings on colours:

“Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour”

“Colours are the smiles of nature”

“I prefer living in colour”

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”

“All colours will agree in the dark”

“Life is like a rainbow. You need both rain and sun to make its colours appear”

“I have always wanted my colours to sing”

Certainly, all the above quotes can be interpreted in many different ways. I believe people are like colours. Unique in their own way but all the same too. The more I travelled, and the more people I got to meet, the more I realised the uniqueness and beauty of life.

Here are some photos that made me realise the importance of colours in our life. Enjoy!

Prague, Czech Republic
Krakow, Poland
Paralimni, Cyprus
Budapest, Hungary
Brno, Czech Republic
Vienna, Austria
Beijing, China
Tongyoung, South Korea

Thanks for reading and have a colourful day:)


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