Wild and Fierce

As an island, Cyprus has many stories and myths surrounding the sea. Both in ancient history and folk stories, the sea was often described as a woman. In today’s world it may be seem as sexist but indeed the sea was either beautiful, calm, and divine, or strong, fierce, and wild.

I believe the sea is not only like a woman. The sea is like humans and emotions. We, humans are often a mess of tangled emotions just like the sea. Sometimes we are filled with happy energy and sometimes we are angry and hate everyone. But that’s natural, after all humans are also part of nature.

I admit I often find more solace when the sea is wild and ready to swallow everything and everyone. In a strange way it makes me feel calmer. The sound of the waves is like a song in my ears and I feel peaceful and content. And in general, I can sit for hours near the sea and just gaze at her beauty.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Thanks for reading:)

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