Kings and Queens

One thing I love about the UK (and most of Europe) is the gorgeous castles that adorn the entire country. Whether you are in a little town or a big city, there is at least one castle, or if not a castle, a huge mansion that could easily pass as a castle.

In 2013 when I was still a student in Leeds, I visited Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. Until today, the house belongs to the Cavendish family. Nowadays, people can visit and take a taste of the once upon a time, glorious days of the Duke’s family and the British Empire.

The house’s interior is remarkable, and visitors can feel like going back in time. When I visited, the house was decorated with Christmas lights and decorations, making it look even more stunning. Furthermore, as the house is in the Peak District, the entire area surrounding it is beautiful. You can explore vast grasslands, valleys, and lakes.

Chatsworth House
The Gardens
Peak District

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day:)

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