The Abandoned Hotel of Berengaria

At the highest point of the mountain of Troodos in Cyprus, hidden in tall pine trees, you’ll come across the mysterious and once upon a time luxurious hotel of Berengaria.

The hotel opened in 1931, and it was the jewel of Cyprus. It was a luxurious hotel that hosted Kings, Presidents, and top businessmen. Berengaria hotel was a mountain resort with a tennis court, an outdoor pool, a casino, and a night club. Furthermore, it was a majestic building surrounded by beautiful pine forests that would be covered in snow during wintertime. Overall, it was the perfect destination both in summer and winter.

However, it closed down in 1984, and since then, it became the centre of many ghost stories and myths. The story behind the hotel’s failure is still uncertain. Commonly, it is believed that the hotel closed down because of bad business. They say that the owner had a tragic death. So, the hotel ownership went to his three sons, who did not come to an agreement on the hotel’s management due to greediness, jealousy, and vanity.

But with such a beautiful and majestic hotel, there are bound to be mysteries and ghost stories. It is said that all three sons of the owner died in mysterious and suspicious ways. This only provoked more stories with visitors saying that they witnessed shadows flying behind the broken windows and heard screams and cries coming from the long hallways of the hotel. As time went by, more and more stories started to go around the whole island. Some believe a manager of the hotel who had a tragic death goes around the hotel looking for victims to take them with him. Others think that they saw the ghosts of two women, one with long jet black hair in a white dress and another who was found dead in the swimming pool and is seeking vengeance.

For a long time, the hotel was left as it was before it shut down. It was left with all the furniture, cutlery, posters, and even clothing inside. That made it even more creepy. However, it was later repurchased, and everything was removed to renovate it. But, until today, it is still standing tall abandoned and in ruins.

For people who love adventures and ghost stories, it is one of the most popular destinations to explore. If you ever find yourself in Cyprus and want to see something different from beautiful sandy beaches or ancient ruins, then Berengaria is your destination.

Here are some of my favourite moments at Berengaria.

Stairway to Heaven
The Nightclub
Room with beautiful view
Swimming pool for the brave
The garden
Changing Rooms
View of Troodos
Thank you for reading:)

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