Colours of Portugal

A few years back I had the chance to spend a day in the capital of the beautiful and colourful Portugal. I was flying to Accra, Ghana, however I had a stop for 18 hours in Lisbon. I arrived at Lisbon in the evening so I was able to explore the city during the night and day. I have to say that even though I was there less than a day, I enjoyed my time. But I wish to one day go back and have a proper tour around the beautiful city of Lisbon and perhaps beyond that.

I think Lisbon was one of the most colourful cities I visited in Europe. It has a beautiful distinctive architecture style which is a combination of European and Arabic style. Unfortunately because of the short time I had in Lisbon I wasn’t able to explore or visit many places. But, just by walking around the streets in the city centre as well as touring around the castle, I was able to enjoy beautiful views.

With no further ado here are some of my favourite moments in Lisbon.

View from the hotel
Exploring the little streets of Lisbon
On the way to the castle
Wandering in the castle
View from the castle
Castle Entrance
View of the ocean from the castle
Rossio square
Rossio square
Rossio square

2 responses to “Colours of Portugal”

  1. This where we had planned on going…flights all cancelled.
    Beautiful photos.


    1. Hopefully we all be able to travel again soon 😄 you’ll love Portugal 😍


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